P.J. Horton



The Darkness - Kindle Unlimited

17th December 2017

My first novel The Darkness is now available to read using Kindle "Unlimited".

New Book Released - The Lake House

15th March 2017

OUT NOW - "The Lake House" - Author Simon Dale needs to get away from it all and write his new novel. A local shopkeeper tells him the history of the house and village he is staying in. Soon he will uncover the secrets of the lake house. Secrets that will change his life forever. Buy from Amazon

The Dreamer Released

10th May 2015

My new book "The Dreamer" is OUT NOW - May 2015.

George Bedford was a dreamer. All his family knew it. Sheila James was a realist, She expected nothing, so she'd never be disappointed with what life served to her. George Bedford and Sheila James lived different lives, seventeen miles apart. George Bedford had less than a month to prove to his family that his prediction would come true. Sheila James had less than two months to find a donor for her dying daughter. Two separate paths. Two separate lives, but only one was The Dreamer.

Free Download

5th March 2014

Great news. You can download "The Darkness" free of charge on Friday 7th March, Saturday 8th March and Sunday 9th March 2014.

Have a great weekend... Happy Reading.

Newspaper Article

8th January 2014

A newspaper article regarding my new book "The Darkness" has been published in print and on-line, titled "Rave Reviews for New Book" - visit The Sentinel for the full story.

The Darkness Released

Published December 2013

I'm glad to say that my new fiction novel "The Darkness" has been published and is available on Amazon Kindle format. I hope that you have as much enjoyment reading it as I had writing it.